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What is a cheerfully imperfect adventure?

A cheerfully imperfect adventure trusts the journey, knowing that the magic lies not in the plans, but in the unexpected.

It’s not bothered when plans evolve or shift and simply stays open, with an awareness that the most memorable experiences are the ones you find when you release expectations. Book an extreme adventure and enjoy an authentic travel experience.

Word of Mouth


"I didn't know what to expect when Kirsten put an adventure together to Mineral de Pozos, but by the end of the day we'd gotten a great introduction to a unique town and made some lasting friendships. Kirsten has an ability to lead a group of people with effortless charm. I highly recommend any trip she proposes."

/ Laurel 

"Adventure…not a word usually associated with me. When Kirsten posted an opportunity to join her in Guatemala I didn’t even think twice about going. Then my sweet hubs encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone to go on this trip. I’m so glad that he did! I’m someone who loves to plan and have all the deets about a trip but with Kirsten it was so easy to NOT be in control and in the know. It was easy to let her lead us to the most incredible and amazing adventures of my life thus far. I mean come on!! Mountains, jungles, rivers tours, tubing, hiking cliffs, nature pools, bat caves, delicious food and drinks. The list really goes on. All this to say that I loved every second of my trip with Kirsten and you will too. This trip opened my eyes to a love and need for adventure that I never knew I had. I can’t wait for the next adventure with her."

/ Roselyn 

"Our trip to Tolantongo coordinated and led by Kirsten was well organized and her communication with myself and the group was timely and thorough. I felt safe at all times during the drive and also on the premises. The schedule organized was just right, giving me flexibility to choose what activities to participate and also have free time. The trip was not rushed and with her guidance, we were able to see much more of the parks than had we attempted to travel on our own. I recommend Kirsten for this adventure and know you will enjoy it very much because she will do all the planning for you and make everything very easy."

/ Nancy 

"I truly enjoyed the Adventure Trip led by Cheerfully Imperfect. I was a little apprehensive at first because I’m a relaxed traveler and don’t often push myself to experience things that require a lot of physical exertion. Happily the tour was carefully designed with such a great variety of experiences that I was able to relax and enjoy some unbelievably beautiful spots, and more importantly, I conquered my fears and completed some of the more challenging climbs. I felt amazingly accomplished and proud! Kirsten is a caring, informed and most importantly, a trusted group leader. We had so much fun and created bonds of friendship that will last. Highly recommend! !!"

/ Jen

"I was fortunate enough to experience an amazing adventure to the Huasteca region with Kirsten and Alberto, along with 3 other fun travelers in our group. The itinerary was well-planned, the destinations incredible, offering so much natural beauty, including waterfalls, cenote lakes, cave lagoons and clear, cool rivers to lounge in!!! We stayed in two different lodgings and while I preferred the second one, it’s always interesting to see new areas in Mexico, with it’s enormous diversity and contrasts. Kirsten and Alberto were very helpful, offering to carry my bags (as needed) while we trekked, and were very sensitive to the desires of the group. Their being experienced travelers, having visited the sites previously, imbued a sense of security and confidence in the adventures to come! The van was comfortable. Alberto is an excellent driver, pleasant and sociable, and it was great having a native Spanish speaker along, as none of the members weren’t fluent. Kirsten’s energy and eager participation, while being responsive to the group was a great combination for us. She was right there with her trusty camera recording our memorable moments (if desired, of course) and I’m so happy she did- because for me, it was too much to be in the moment AND try to take pictures/videos... She shared the images and videos with those who wanted them-and of course, we ALL wanted some!!! As an added treat, I made some new, fun friends from the group members! Some of the locations required some fearless climbing from great heights, as well as hiking through rocky, irregular terrain so that’s an important consideration if your body isn’t prepared or fit. But the extraordinary beauty of each site we visited will stay with me forever. Food offerings “on the road” were for the most part, “average, typical Mexican fare”. We had hoped to visit Xltitla site of Sir Edward James Sculpture Jungle, but there were no reservations available during our time frame…. In retrospect, that may have been a bit ambitious to visit, as our schedule was “just enough” during this 4 night excursion. As an extra bonus, we decided to spend a brief afternoon visit in the city of San Luis Potosi, which was a great way to break up the ride back as well as get a taste of another beautiful, colonial town. I would heartily recommend this voyage to anyone who wants an easy, pleasant way to visit some extraordinary natural locations and have fun with others, under the guidance of capable and knowledgeable retreat coordinators.”

/ Jane

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